The live-action Barbie movie once again looked like an ideal actor, this time Margot Robbie.

The idea of a Barbie movie is not exactly new. For years, Hollywood has been a live-action adaptation, a show and a protagonist of the famous game doll. Up to now, Anne Hathaway and Amy Schumer have been trying to win the film, but eventually none of them replaced the hopes. Now in line with Margot Robbie, who is rumored to be talking about Warner Bros. on this issue. 

Last year, the project announced itself as a lifelong signal when it was announced that the premier would be transferred to May 2020. This choice is not to be taken into consideration because there is a lot of rotation on Robbie’s current schedule: it will rotate 5 movies for the next 2 years. 

The screenplay is written by Hilary Winston, who has written for series and Amy Schumer and his brother Kim Caramele are among the writers. The movie will be about a Barbie who is being excluded from the perfect Barbie world. So it gets into the real world where it will face different challenges. The film, in principle, wants to turn the knife in the beauty industry, feminism and even some serious topics, of course, all in comedy.

Who is your opinion on the idea of a live-action Barbie movie?