Some models have small concerns that Apple offers to repair for free.

Apple is known for its quality service. So when an iPhone is experiencing a massive problem, the Cupertino company tries to react as quickly as possible through a replacement program. Today, it is the iPhone 8 that knows a repair for those who would be affected by a problem affecting the motherboard. For the moment, a handful of countries are benefiting from this replacement program – but a global deployment can be expected. It is on its website that Apple has announced the news to its users.

A replacement program for the iPhone 8

It is on its website that the Cupertino company has communicated on this problem of motherboard having engaged a replacement program for the iPhone 8. A program which should be deployed gradually in other countries but which for the moment does not USA, Japan, India, Hong-Hong, China, Macau, New Zealand or Australia.

Apple has determined that part of the iPhone 8 has a motherboard with a manufacturing defect. Affected devices may be untimely reboots, freeze screen, or unable to turn on. Apple will repair the affected models for free.

The good news is that this repair is fully supported by the Cupertino company. If you have experienced this problem with your iPhone 8, it will still wait until France can benefit from this repair program.