Melanie Brown, who recently managed to contend with a drink and sex addiction and was therefore admitted to a rehab clinic, will retain the custody of her daughter Madison for the time being. That would have been decided by the judge on Saturday.


Stephen Belafonte, former Spice Girl ex, demanded full custody of their six-year-old daughter Madison after Brown’s unveiling.

The two would meet each other on Tuesday, September 4 in the court, but documents that have been handed over to TMZ show that an agreement has already been concluded between the exes. Details are not released.


A source reports to E! News that the agreements made are temporary and that they mean that nothing will change for the time being. Brown will continue to hold full custody of Madison in the near future, and she has agreed to a drug test, which will soon be taken from her.

“Stephen wants to protect the children and ensure that someone takes care of them that are suitable for this”, reports a source on the entertainment site.

Former nanny claims that singer drinks all day long

Belafonte would be worried about the welfare of their child and also called in the assistance of their former nanny Russel Updegraff. He says he has seen that the singer drinks daily, from the early morning. He claims that this caused anxiety and stress for Madison and her eleven-year-old daughter Angel.

The America’s Got Talent- Jurylid announced last week that she will soon be admitted to a rehab clinic. The singer explains that many repressed feelings came up during the writing of  Brutally Honest , her memoirs released in November. “It is incredibly traumatic to revive a relationship in which I was emotionally abused and all other woes again.”

Brown therefore started drinking to forget her pain. “It’s sometimes difficult to deal with all the emotions that I experience, but the problem is not in sex or alcohol – it’s deeper.”

Brown and ex Stephen Belafonte completed fighting division in early August

Brown became involved in a fighting division with her ex Stephen Belafonte, which was completed in early August. The former couple made a point last year after a marriage of ten years.

The singer stated at the time that she had been mistreated for years by her husband. She also claimed that Belafonte had an affair with their babysitter for years.

Belafonte, in turn, claimed that Brown had brainwashed their six-year-old daughter Madison with negative stories about him. He also said that his ex not only had an alcohol addiction but also that she was addicted to drugs.