The messiah returns to earth in the new Netflix series Messiah. In this thriller we follow a mysterious man who knows how to get followers from around the world. Is he the real messiah or ordinary scammer? The trailer promises a lot of good things.

In  Messiah  we follow CIA officer Eva Geller ( Michelle Monaghan ) who tracks down a mysterious man ( Mehdi Dehbi ). When he gets international attention because of the disruption of public order, she starts an investigation into him. Worldwide he gets more and more followers who are all convinced that he works miracles. And the international media also pay positive attention to this charismatic figure. For Eve it is a race against the clock to unravel the mystery: is this man really the divine entity he claims to be or is he a fraudulent scammer capable of overthrowing the geopolitical world order?

You can see this exciting series on Netflix from 1 January.