Artificial intelligence is extremely promising. Day after day, she shows herself more and more capable. It can even, for example, write advertisements.

AI has the potential to revolutionize many sectors and it seems that advertising writing is one of them. Lexus has just released a new advertisement entirely written by an artificial intelligence. The automaker is convinced that this is a world first. This 60-second spot, titled “Driven by intuition”, shows that men and machines can work together to deliver an improved driving experience.

Lexus Unveils 60-Year Advertising Written by Artificial Intelligence

This advertisement also promotes the Lexus ES 2019. The idea of a collaboration between the man and the machine is here clearly highlighted. Lexus wanted to explore the idea that the two could work together to create an advertisement that would capture the characteristics of the ES model’s intuitive driving experience.

The script of this artificial intelligence was then directed by Kevin Macdonald, rewarded notably by a Bafta and an Oscar and to which one owes, for example, the Last King of Scotland or more recently Whitney. This short film was broadcast today in Europe on a wide variety of channels – including cinema -.

To show the man-machine symbiosis of his Lexus ES 2019

We see an ES model in a laboratory, its creator tear in the eyes to see it go for a crash test. The soundtrack raises the suspense until the car runs away. All this was imagined by an artificial intelligence program designed by Visual Voice in collaboration with The & Partnership London.

The IBM Watson suite of tools and applications supported the project. The AI has even been trained with 15 years of award-winning commercials and emotional intelligence to better understand what makes it possible to really touch the viewer.