In the thriller, The killing of the sacred deer, Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman are facing a dilemma.

Somewhere between the psychological thriller, the horror film and the Greek tragedy, The killing of the sacred deer is a powerful and disturbing work that haunts us long after the projection.

Those who have already seen a film by the Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos ( Canine ) know that the singular Greek filmmaker is out of the ordinary, especially after his astonishing film of anticipation The lobster, in which singles were quickly to find the soul mate for avoid being transformed into animals. So, with The Killing of the Sacred Deer, his most recent feature film, Lanthimos brings us again into a singular world where the supernatural mixes with black comedy and tragedy, in a stifling climate.

Cornelian dilemma

Steven (Colin Farrell), a brilliant surgeon, decides to take under his wing Martin (Barry Keoghan), a teenager whose father died a few months earlier on his operating table. Married to a woman he loves (Nicole Kidman) and father of two, Steven will see his life take a dramatic turn the day his young boy is suffering from a mysterious disease.

He will soon learn that this sudden illness is part of Martin’s revenge plan, which holds the surgeon responsible for his father’s death. Steven will immediately face a difficult dilemma: to prevent all members of his family die of this disease, in turn, he will have to sacrifice one of them by killing him.
One can easily understand why this radical and icy thriller split the criticism during its world premiere at the last Cannes Film Festival. The killing of the sacred deer is a film too pessimistic to please everyone. But there is in this unusual and disturbing work of great moments of cinema that we are not ready to forget.