While her husband Christian Horner will get the title of Sir in the UK, Geri Halliwell finally pulls back on the time of the Spice Girls and his “rival” Victoria Beckham.

Geri Halliwell finally takes his revenge. The singer could soon accompany her husband for the ceremony that will make him a “Sir”. If the title of nobility is granted to the former British racing driver, his wife would become a “Lady”. What to contrast the reputation of Geri Halliwell in the 90s, which was portrayed as the most vulgar group.

“She dreams of getting this title before Victoria Beckham, who has always been considered the classiest girl in the group, “ says a source close to the star at Heat Magazine. Because David Beckham had also been tipped to obtain the title. The case of hacked emails and statements about the money he would have refused to give to associations that could block his way had however slowed down the process.

A reward that Posh would certainly have loved. “There has always been a kind of competition between Geri and Victoria, even at the time, and Geri is certain that the perfect image of her husband’s help to win this small battle , the source added. The title of Christian would be the icing on the cake. ” Case to follow.