Warner Bros. Studio. Tuesday responded to families of victims of a 2012 killings who criticize the movie Joker , claiming that the character is not portrayed as a hero.

Five family members of victims of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, when a 24-year-old man opened fire during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises , released an open letter Tuesday to the studio.

In this document published by several specialized sites , they express their concern at the idea that a film could put forward a character like the Joker, which appeared in the previous film of the series on Batman directed by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight (2008).

“When we learned that Warner Bros. a film called Joker was coming out which presented this character and his story with compassion, it was called to us, “wrote the authors of the letter addressed to the studio’s CEO, Ann Sarnoff.

The film evokes the transformation of the Joker, depressed humorist battered by the company that finally takes his destiny in hand to become a Machiavellian and violent character.

Families do not ask the leader to remove the movie or modify it, but Warner Bros. however, reacted: “Neither the fictional character of the Joker nor the film support (in any way) violence.”

“It is not the intention of the film, of those who made it or the studio to present this character as a hero,” added Warner Bros. about Joker , which is released on October 4th.

In the letter, the families ask Ann Sarnoff and Warner to stop contributing to politicians who stand in the way of stronger arms legislation.

They also call on the studio and its leaders to use their influence to push the US Congress to legislate in this area.

They also claim that they contribute to victim support funds or educational programs.

In his response, Warner Bros. assures that it donated to victims’ associations and supported the passing of laws restricting the circulation of weapons.

The Aurora attack left 12 dead and 70 wounded.

Despite the proliferation of mass shootings in the United States, calls for tougher legislation at the national level have so far remained a dead letter.

A series of measures must be studied in Congress during the current session, in the first place the systematic verification of the judicial and psychiatric record of any potential purchaser of a firearm.