Monica Bellucci continues to conquer with its beauty. So, today the actress became a guest of the Dior show, which took place as part of the Fashion Week in Paris – for the publication of the beauty, the beauty chose a black dress, which she complemented with boots, a belt and sunglasses to match. The dramatic bow was perfectly completed by a new star haircut and laconic jewelry.

Adept of high fashion , Monica Bellucci would have missed for nothing in the world the fashion week in Milan. She also took advantage of the Dolce & Gabbana brand show to unveil her new hair look. Indeed, the fashionistas present on the spot could see him wearing a very short black square. A cut boy that she embellished with a look of the most sober , thanks to a white suit and a transparent blouse. A new appearance that literally conquered his fans. On Instagram, they were dozens to say they were seduced by the new appearance of the actress. ”  The cut looks great and black hair too”, “Pretty cut”, “This beautiful hairstyle”, can we read in comments of a snapshot shared by Monica Bellucci. This is called a solid carton!