The Fast and the Furious director Rob Cohen has been accused of sexual assault by an anonymous woman, reports The Huffington Post on Sunday.

The woman is said to have felt “blurred” in 2015 after a dinner with the director, she tells the website. Because she was excited about the possibility of working on a television pilot with Cohen, she nevertheless went to a bar with the director.

The next moment she remembers, she woke up in a New York hotel room while Cohen performed sexual acts with her. Then the director tried to have sex with her. The woman, who wants to remain anonymous and is called ‘Jane’ by The Huffingon Post , then fled.

Two close friends of ‘Jane’ confirm in conversation with the news website that she has told about the assault several times. Would The Huffington Post had access to medical documents that prove that the woman immediately after the assault underwent treatment for sexual abuse.

Daughter also accused Cohen of abuse

“Jane” is said to have confronted the director with her accusation, after which he would have apologized. After Cohen’s daughter Valkyrie Weather recently accused her father of sexual abuse, the woman decided to support her by going to the press with her story.

Cohen denies all accusations, both of “Jane” and his daughter. The director admitted that he met the woman in 2015, but denies having assaulted her.