Batwoman Ruby Rose (33) was almost paralyzed after a stunt on the set of the superhero series went completely wrong. The actress announced this on her Instagram. She also shared a graphic video of her operation.

“I just wanted to know what happens when we are unconscious”

33-year-old Rose, also known for Orange is the New Black, almost broke her backbone when she tried to perform a stunt while filming for the program. Two spinal discs shifted thereby, losing the feeling in her arms.

The video of the operation scared many fans, but Rose thought it was important to share it. “Anyone asking why I had them filmed … haven’t you seen the Grey’s Anatomy episode where they left a towel in a patient? Plus, I just wanted to know what happens when we are unconscious,” she said.

Batwoman will premiere on American television in October. The casting of Ruby caused a lot of fuss. Batwoman is a Jewish lesbian in the comic books. Many fans therefore thought it was impossible for Rose, who is not Jewish, to represent her. The actress also does not identify herself as a lesbian, but as a ‘gender fluid’.