The animated movie  The Emoji Movie, in which the emoticons on our phones come to life, was “rewarded” on Saturday at the Razzie Awards, the anti-Oscars that mock Hollywood prizes by pinning the worst films of the year.

The Emoji Movie  tells the adventures of an emoticon frustrated by the unique emotion he embodies. The film won out against serious competitors who also received a mixed reception from film critics, such as  Baywatch or the erotic romance Fifty Shades Freed .

The video announcing the winners of the Razzie Awards , which are a snub to the season of self-congratulation of the Hollywood prizes, was also the occasion of a sharp criticism of Harvey Weinstein and about twenty men of power in the world of cinema and entertainment who have all been accused of sexual assault.

On the background of solemn music, a photo of the producer Weinstein, without his name, appears with the words “In memory of”. Medallions featuring actor Bill Cosby, director Woody Allen, and US President and former reality TV presenter Donald Trump are displayed, followed by a text: “Really sorry, but we will not miss you, or those who are in your vein. ”

The film year in Hollywood was indeed deeply marked by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein that triggered a vast movement of denunciations of sexual harassment and covered with stigma many male figures in this environment and beyond.

The winner of the Razzie Awards, presented on the eve of the Oscars for the 38 th year, is undoubtedly  The Movie Emoji since the film also won the “Golden Raspberry” the worst director Tony Leondis or the worst case scenario.

Among the other winners who will receive the now famous trophy consisting of a raspberry the size of a golf ball placed on a reel of Super 8 film, all painted in golden yellow, include Tom Cruise, “worst actor” in  The Mummy or Mel Gibson, who wins the “worst actor in a supporting role” award for his performance in Daddy’s Home 2 .