15-year-old Carys Zeta Douglas ( Carys Douglas) – the daughter of 48-year-old actress Catherine the Zeta-Jones ( by Catherine Zeta-Jones) and 73-year-old actor Michael Douglas ( by Michael Douglas).

Catherine and Caris became the heroines of the September issue of the magazine Town & Country. Mother and daughter took part in the photo session , and their picture was placed on the cover of the publication. The daughter of actor gave a frank interview , which recognizes , that it is etched in the school.

According to Karis , classmates often mocked her. The reason for ridicule was the difference in the age of the parents of Caris – 25 years. “When my father was taking me out of school , they joked , that came to me Grandpa” – shared the daughter of the star couple.

She also said , that it upsets the headlines. So , one day, she saw her father a picture with the caption  Michael Douglas again ill with cancer and died a month later,” and decided ,that parents hid from her the terrible news. In the end, it turned out , that was not true.

Now, Karis is studying in high school and making plans for the future. In April, the girl appeared at the Dolce & Gabbana party together with her mother. Fans of Catherine the Zeta-Jones noted ,that her daughter could easily give odds to any model.

Recall , Karis has a brother – 17-year-old Dylan Michael-Douglas. The son of Catherine and Michael this year graduated from school.