24-year-old twins Chrissy Bever and Cassius met with the 24-year-old twins Zach and Nick Levan four years ago , when he entered the University of Grand Valley in Michigan ( USA).

Cassius and Nick met at a seminar on psychology. The teacher asked , whether the twins audience present , and they both raised their hands. Nick told reporters , it was at that moment, he realized , that  found that the most.”

Young people almost immediately began to meet and decided to introduce their twins to each other. After a joint meeting, Chrissy and Zack also began a romance. In 2017, the brothers invited the sisters to the museum and made an offer to them.

Now the couples are getting ready for the wedding. Krissy and Zak will be married on August 3 ,and Cassia and Nick on August 4. The general celebration will take place after the second wedding.

This year the twins graduated from the university. The sisters plan to enter the magistracy at the University of Michigan , and the brothers – in Oakland.

 We have different interests , and we respect each other for these differences. We are so well suited to each other, not because , we are twins , and therefore , that we were brought up , laying the same values, “- shared Zach Levan.