While a petition calling for a rollback of Snapchat garnered a million signatures, the app’s CEO says nothing will change.

It’s anger on the side of Snapchat users. The latter are very unhappy with the changes made by the application and claim to go back via a petition collecting a million signatures. And while Snapchat had not yet responded to the various complaints, his boss said he said no, there would be no turning back. What displeases users who criticize the highlighting of reality TV content and other stories unwanted to the detriment of those of friends.

Users will have to adapt

Evan Spiegel, boss of Snapchat, has expressed himself about this petition which has already collected a million signatures. It was during an intervention at Goldman Sachs Internet & Technologies that the man explained that the new version of Snapchat was “validated” by the complaints about him. The latter thinks that the most difficult thing is the management of this anger, which is only due to a big change that users have to adapt to. For Evan Spiegel, it is therefore question of adaptation among the snapchatteurs / snapchatteuses and frustration acts as a motor to continue these changes decried despite a strong challenge on the web. The most logical is, ultimately, that the anger eventually calm down and users accept this new version. It is hard to imagine most of them abandon the application despite significant changes. Snapchat relies on the fidelity and the addictive side of its application to always collect new subscribers.
To those who wanted a step back: it will not take place !