True, only the most attentive could notice him.

Search for Easter eggs is a favorite pastime of fans of any series; and those of them who carefully watched the pretext “The Big Bang Theories”, telling about the childhood of the genius and strange Sheldon Cooper, were waiting for a real gift. It turned out that in the 10 episode of the 3rd season of “Sheldon’s Childhood”, Kaley Cuoco received a cameo herself, who played in the original series Penny. True, the actress herself is not shown in the frame – only her voice remained in her scene.

This is a series called “Soup from adolescents and panties full of lies”. In it, Sheldon has to pass a real test – to be in the pool with the other guys, which, with his fear of germs, is a truly terrifying event. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that on the eve of the lesson the young hero has a dream in which the pool water taunts him.

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The creator of the series, Steve Molaro, said that the choice of the actress, who will become that very voice, was given to him quite simply.

I knew that I wanted him to be feminine and sexy, so I immediately told myself that Kayleigh is perfect for this,

– shared the showrunner. Cuoco reacted enthusiastically to the proposal to play such a tiny role. When Molaro asked if she wanted to “be the voice of the water in the pool,” the actress answered without delay:

And how! I’m in.

By the way, Molaro and Cuoco decided in advance that they did not want to cover her appearance in Sheldon’s Childhood in order to turn him into a real Easter egg for long-time fans. And they did it.