Billie Eilish is still in her teens, but already a world star. The eighteen-year-old singer, who has won one prize after the other, is therefore used to the idea that paparazzi follow her. In an interview with ‘BBC Radio 2’ she tells how she deals with that.

“I only saw the photos they took of me”

Billie sometimes finds it remarkable how the paparazzi follow her. “I’ve never seen them myself. I’ve only seen the photos they took of me,” she says in the interview. “You are just being stalked by these people.”

That is why the eighteen-year-old singer understands that some colleagues find life in the spotlight difficult. “I understand how acquaintances people can go crazy. Especially if you just want to live in a nice and quiet way and you are constantly being followed.” In addition, celebrities must also pay attention to whom they meet in public. “Because if you meet someone you shouldn’t be seen with, they’ll see it again.”

Billie says she can handle the attention she gets. Yet she finds other aspects of fame very annoying. “If they take pictures of my friends without their knowledge. Leave my loved ones outside.”