The British journalist Robin Leach, known for having hosted the popular show “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” died Friday at the age of 76.


According to TMZ, Leach was hospitalized after suffering a stroke last November while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“In spite of the last 10 months, what a life he had. Our grandfather, brother, fingernail and friend Robin Leach died peacefully, “said Steven Leach, the journalist’s son, quoted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“The support and love of everyone for almost a year has been incredible and we are very grateful,” said Leach’s son.

The one who had always dreamed of being a journalist had great ambitions. At 18, he became the youngest publisher in the “Page One” section of the British daily newspaper “Daily Mail”.

In 1963, Robin Leach decided to leave Europe for the United States where he worked for various publications, including the “New York Daily News”, the magazine “People” and “The Star”.

Passionate about culture, the Briton was also part of a CNN star show before joining the team that founded “Entertainment Tonight”.

A true forerunner of reality TV, Robin Leach then hosted the show “The Life of Rich and Famous People” from 1984 to 1995. The one who always said

“Champagne wishes and caviar dreams” on this show brought luxurious residences to the public on television.

“I had done a lot of reporting in Britain and it was a field of journalism that I loved to cover,” said Robin Leach, quoted by the Las Vegas Review Journal.

“The weaknesses of the famous people, their need for applause, the fact that the stars are ready to put their lives or their career at stake every time they make a show, a concert, a movie or a play. There were always stories to be found with these people, “said Leach.

Leach had been living in Las Vegas since 1999 when he was an important figure in the cultural scene.

The journalist’s family has not yet specified the details for his funeral.

Celine Dion saddened

Celine Dion reacted publicly to the announcement of the death of Robin Leach.

“I am very sad to hear of the passing of Robin Leach. He was an attentive, sensitive man and a great supporter of Las Vegas artists, “the singer wrote on her Facebook page.

“He has always been kind to me and Rene from our first meeting,” added the diva who sends her thoughts and prayers to the family of Leach.