The seriously ill American senator John McCain, who was the presidential candidate in 2008, has decided to stop his treatment. That’s what his family just said.

A year ago it became known that the now 81-year-old McCain is struggling with a very aggressive brain tumor. The fact that he managed to survive for more than a year thus exceeded every expectation according to the family. The end is really close now, reports the family. “With the willpower of him, he has now decided to stop the treatment.”  

Statement from the family of Senator John Mccain 


Presidential candidate in 2008

McCain took on Obama as the Republican Presidential candidate in 2008 and lost his mark.

In recent years, he turned out to be a fierce opponent of his party colleague Trump and regularly agreed with the Democrats, thus destroying the small Republican majority in the Senate (51 out of 100 votes).

War hero

That is why he is a hero for many Americans. Moreover, he is also generally regarded as a war hero who was taken the prisoner in North Vietnam in the Vietnam War.

The Vietcong wanted to release him because he came from a good family, but he refused it unless his fellow prisoners of war were also released. He ended up in Vietnam for five years.