For Ryan Murphy, the ending turned out to be associated with personal experiences.

The next part of the series-anthology “American horror story” came to an end. The ninth season was called “1984,” and its final episode aired last Wednesday, October 13th. Talking to Deadline about the past and future of American Horror Story, the creator of the series, Ryan Murphy, admitted that he could not help but cry while watching the outcome of the new season of his own television show.

Murphy explained this emotional reaction as follows:

I really enjoyed creating all this American mythology around the Redwood camp. This place lives its own, inner life. Starting work on this season, I was very, very interested in working with John Carroll Lynch [who played Benjamin Richter in the new season]. Earlier, I had already crossed paths with him, because he played the clown Twisty [in the fourth season of American Horror Story]. Now I wanted him to get the main or at least one of the leading roles. I wanted Finn Wittrock to play his son, and I knew that I wanted a happy ending, albeit ironic. Everything connected with paternal-sons relations always makes a deep impression on me.

Murphy also shared that he has a very close relationship with many 1984 actors, including not only Lynch and Wittrock, but also Lily Rabe, who played Benjamin’s mother in the series. According to Murphy, he was very close to his mother, Lily Jill Kleiberg, who died of illness nine years ago.