42-year-old Shakira ( Shakira) admitted that she had experienced very difficult times. The American singer lay down under the knife and almost lost her voice.

The pop diva spoke emotionally about her illness. She has told , that at the end of 2017 she was diagnosed with a hemorrhage in the vocal cords. Shakira was afraid to lose the chance to sing forever.

Because of this, the singer was depressed. “I could not even imagine , what ever remain without a voice , it is – the most important part of me. These thoughts were killing , sometimes I didn’t even have the strength to get out of bed in the morning, ”Shakira admitted.

Cope with the disease singer helped her husband – the defender of ” Barcelona” Gerard Pique. The football player provided moral support to his wife , went with her to the doctors. Shakira confessed , that at that time was just unbearable , but Piquet endured her antics and always remained close.

“ I needed an operation or God’s will , it couldn’t go on like this,” the Daily Mail quoted the singer as saying . As a result, the voice still recovered. Shakira does not know exactly , what contributed to her recovery , but continues to pray for , so that this does not happen again.