Sad news from the Spanish-speaking telenovela world: TV star Edith González passed away at the age of 54! During her lifetime, she starred in “Eva La Trailera”, “Vivir a destiempooder” or “Las Bravo” fiery roles, she made a steep career. But her private life has been overshadowed by concerns over her health over the past few years: Edith wassuffering from an aggressive form of cancer whose consequences would probably cost her his life.

In 2016, she was diagnosed with fourth-degree ovarian cancer – after which the Mexican had to remove her ovaries, uterus and lymph nodes. On Thursday morning, the 54-year-old died in a hospital in Mexico, as a close friend of the deceased reported to CNN . Whether she died from the consequences of her illness of many years is still unknown.

Not only many fans mourn the early demise of the artist. The blonde also leaves behind her husband Lorenzo Lazo Margáin and their daughter Constance.