Taylor Swift (32) says he is ready to direct a full-length feature film. The singer makes her statement at the Toronto International Film Festival. She will present her short film ‘All Too Well’ there.

“It would be an honor and a privilege,” Taylor said. If given the chance, she wants to make a film with ‘human stories and human emotions’. She cites directors Nora Ephron, ChloĆ© Zhao and Greta Gerwig as her examples. According to Taylor, it is very good that there are more and more female filmmakers. People are no longer surprised or skeptical about it, she thinks.

The singer, who is eligible for an Oscar with All Too Well , realizes that she does not yet have much experience when it comes to making feature films. She has no training at the film academy. “But when you’ve walked around the set of sixty video clips, you do learn some things,” she says. “From the moment I directed my first clip, my learning started.”

You can watch Taylor’s short film All Too Well below: