The Swedish police discovered objects related to the theft of two royal crowns and powers stolen the day before, according to the Swedish newspaper Expressen .

Presumed regalia are found in the town Roslagen near Stockholm. Prosecutor Christian Agneklev did not confirm this information, but did not refute it.

Theft occurred on Tuesday afternoon in the cathedral of Strangnes, located 90 kilometers from Stockholm. The burial regalia of King Charles IX (1604 – 1611) and his wife Christina (died 1625) – their crowns, as well as the state of Charles – became the prey of unknown people.

The police previously reported that two men were seen near the scene of the incident, who disappeared in a small motor boat. The Interior Ministry also did not rule out that the thieves could flee from the crime scene on bicycles.

Experts in the field of antiques also stated that the attackers are unlikely to be able to sell regalia – they are too famous. Crowns are also not encrusted with diamonds, but with rock crystal, so if they sell the crowns in parts, they will be able to save no more than a thousand crowns.