43-year-old businessman Panyu Ingan from Thailand shot Pavin Nemyuengruk ( Paweena Namueangruk) and her friend in front of tourists. The man managed to escape , now the police are looking for him.

20-year-old Pavina , former beauty queen , worked in the institution of Panyu. He owns a bar , and she was in it a dancer. The man persuaded Pavin to marry him and even tried to bribe her family , but the girl refused him. The dancer did not like Panyu’s aggression , and she quit her job.

A girl came to town with a 21-year-old Nentechem Dzharitramom , to celebrate his birthday. The young man is her old friend. He never intended to meet with her , because he was gay. But Panyu Ingan did not know this.

 My daughter and Nantechey were best friends from school. She was the most beautiful and loving girl. We want to achieve justice. The police must find the one who committed the crime, “Pavina’s mom recalls.

According to the police , the assassin was assisted by two accomplices – 43-year-old Sanyan Srisuk and 34-year-old Djirasak Unaban from Phuket. They followed the girl and reported , where it is located.