39-year-old Kourtney Kardashian ( Kourtney Kardashian) says that she resorted to plastic only for breast augmentation. However, leading American surgeons have denied her statement.

Experts say , that the comparison of old and new photos of the star immediately gives professionals the procedure , which took Courtney. In addition, there are no traces of changes on the star’s face , which should already appear by her age.

Surgeon Tim Seyed ( by Tim Sayed), do a lot of operations to Hollywood celebrities , told Radar Online , that Kardashian certainly did rhinoplasty – is especially noticeable in a thin nose , on old photographs, it is much thicker.

The remaining interventions in Courtney’s appearance are much less visible and less traumatic. According to experts , it uses Botox , to avoid wrinkles on the forehead and in the outer corners of the eyes , as well as a slightly raised eyebrow. The latter is also , perhaps , with the help of Botox.

In addition , the star has added fillers to the lips.

Russian experts hold the same opinion about plastic operations of the participant of the reality show.

The mother of the Kardashian family , 63-year-old Chris Jenner , does not hide her operations – she even highlighted some of them during the show. Sister Courtney Kim denies a surgical increase in the buttocks. And Kylie Jenner assures that she uses only “beauty shots” – injections of fillers.