The last season of the popular Game of Thrones series will contain a fierce battle. Actress Maisie Williams has opened a book about the recordings of one of the most violent fights in the series. This fight will break multiple records. It is one of the longest battles ever filmed. And that is not going to be in the cold clothes.

“At one point you feel broken as a person and you just want to cry”

The filming of this fight lasted no less than eleven weeks and was mainly in the middle of the night. This means that sometimes the players could only go to bed at seven o’clock in the morning. “Nothing can prepare you for how intense this is. Night after night and through and through. It does not seem to stop. On a given you feel broken as a person and you just want to cry, “says the actress who takes on the role of Ayra Stark. The makers also said that one of the actresses had a hard time and fainted during the recordings.

The eighth season will also be the last season. In total there will be six more episodes, the first of which will be shown in April.