Classic townhouses on the Upper East Side of New York City, taken from city street.

The New York publisher Alexis Gregory had invited some guests to his house for a social evening, which resulted in the disappearance of statuettes valued at one million dollars, a theft investigated by the police.

A collector and founder of the Vendome Press, a publisher of art and architecture books, Alexis Gregory has been known for decades for his receptions in his upscale apartment on the Upper East Side in Manhattan or on his property. Hamptons, a popular vacation spot for the rich New Yorkers.

On Friday, he had invited 25 people to a private piano recital in his apartment near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, followed by an art exhibition, a New York police spokesman told AFP.

At the end of the evening, a little after 11:00 pm, and while the guests had said goodbye, one person noticed that “7 to 8 gold figurines” worth an estimated $ 1 million in total “had disappeared”,

The police are investigating but have not made any inquiries at this stage, the spokesman said.

Asked by AFP, Vendome Press did not follow up.

“I am very upset,” said the Swiss-born publisher to the daily New York Post. “I hope that will not happen again.”

However, Alexis Gregory (81) told the New York Daily News that despite this theft, he did not intend to give up worldliness. “I will continue to do things the way I did them,” he said.