Torrents of mud that took everything in their path. After heavy rains, the localities of Nea Peramos and

Mandra , located 30 km west of Athens (Greece), were hit by floods. Rivers in flood took all over their way, Wednesday, November 15. At least 14 people have died in this large suburb of Athens.

The images filmed by witnesses of the drama show streets invaded by water and mud. Truck, bus and cars were washed away. The two localities of Nea Peramos and Mandra, in the Western Attica region, have been declared a “state of emergency”. Nearly 200 firefighters were dispatched to the area. Their services said they received more than 600 calls for help.

In Mandra, five people, two women and three men were found dead in their homes and in flooded areas, firefighters report. Two other corpses were found at sea. At least three people are missing, according to firefighters. And an indeterminate number of people were injured.