While Riverdale fans are celebrating their season 3 premiere, star of the series Medelin Petsch gave an interview to the November Cosmopolitan, telling, in particular, about getting to know and dealing with her boyfriend, actor and musician Travis Mills.

24-year-old Madeleine and 29-year-old Travis (music releases under the creative pseudonym T Mills) have been dating for a year and a half, and they met again thanks to “Riverdale”. At one time, Travis auditioned for the role of Jughead (which eventually went to Cole Sprouse), and when the premiere of “Riverdale” took place, Mills decided to write Madeline on Facebook to congratulate her on the premiere. Between the actors ensued correspondence, which led to a romantic relationship. Now they live together in Los Angeles (although Madeleine spends several months a year in Vancouver, acting in “Riverdale”).