Dakota Johnson commented for the first time on the rumors that she would be pregnant with Coldplay singer Chris Martin. In The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress said Thursday that there is no question of a pregnancy.

“The only thing I’m pregnant with is a lot of good ideas, but no babies”

The rumors were triggered by a story by TMZ, which certainly knew that Dakota and Chris gave a ‘gender reveal party’ in the singer’s house. A spring had seen pink and blue balloons, and the blue ones were fooled, which would indicate that a boy would be coming. Earlier this week, a Dakota spokesman said that it was ‘just’ the actress’s birthday. Now she says herself: “The only thing I am pregnant with is a lot of good ideas, but no babies.”

Dakota also gave that explanation to Ellen DeGeneres. “I did not know that the balloons were fooled, they just sat in a bow and I think it happened by accident.”