A stalker who tried to break into the Taylor Swift penthouse in New York last year, has to go to jail for six months. In addition, he was given a probationary period in which he must be in therapy and can not contact the singer.


Mohammed Jaffar sought the Swift apartment at the end of 2016 and hung around the home in the Tribeca district for months. He tried to gain access several times.

He then called non-stop for an hour with the musician, to return the next day and hang on the doorbell for another 45 minutes. On security images you can also see how the man stopped on the roof of the building and in the hall in front of the Shake It Off singer.

In the first two weeks of February last year, the stalker also phoned Swift’s management almost 60 times, requesting her to speak to her. He confessed last week to attempted burglary and then already agreed a punishment with the prosecutor. A judge confirmed that Wednesday.