Who hasn’t seen the Netflix hit ‘Squid Game’? The Korean series has reached 111 million subscribers worldwide, making it the highest grossing show ever in its first four weeks. Still, there is at least one person who has not yet watched the series: 10-year-old voice actress Reagan To. Despite the fact that the young actress herself contributed to the success, she does not get permission from her parents to watch the show.

“When she saw my name on the internet, she couldn’t believe her eyes”

If you ‘ve watched Squid Game , you’ve heard Reagan’s voice. The girl has in fact recorded the English dubbing of the giant doll Youngshee. 

However, Reagan’s parents think she is still too young to actually let her watch the series. And anyone who has seen Squid Game will probably understand that. “Just before that scene, my mother turned off the television. I was only able to hear my voice for a short time,” Reagan revealed on the Australian morning show  The Morning. She continues: “My older brother is fourteen years old and even he is not allowed to look.”

The much-discussed doll leads the children’s game Red Light, Green Light . In the Netherlands better known as Annemaria cuckoo. In the series, the contestants have to sneak forward while the doll looks away. If Youngshee does catch the contestants, they are shot without mercy. So it’s not surprising that Reagan’s parents deprive her of these images for a while.

Fun fact: Her parents had no idea at first that their daughter could be heard in the Netflix series. While watching the show, the voice of the doll seemed very familiar to them. “They first heard me when the series was already on. My father once asked my mother to watch Squid Game together   . Suddenly the penny dropped, she paused the episode and said, “Wait a minute, that’s Reagan!” And when she saw my name on the internet, she couldn’t believe her eyes,” Reagan said.