After comedian Dave Chappelle has received quite a bit of criticism since the release of his Netflix comedy special The Closer, colleague and friend Kevin Hart is now standing up for him. According to Hart, Chappelle has been a supporter of the LGBTIQ community for years and has many close friends who join the community. Chappelle was accused of being homophobic and transphobic, something that even led to protests from transgender Netflix employees. That reports The New York Times.

“That man really doesn’t have any hatred in him and I say that because I know him. I know his world and know that he embraces the LGBTIQ community because of his friends. I know his children understand what equality, inclusiveness and diversity is and how important that is I know that his wife, like Dave himself, thinks that is very important and constantly teaches it to their children. I know why people think he is a nice guy and appreciate him, because he is also a really nice guy, Hart said.

Chappelle, who is described by Hart as ‘a brother’, has done nothing wrong, according to the actor. “A story is put down by certain people and that is further blown up by the media. Without listening to what Dave is really saying. Of course you can find a joke or comment tasteless or bad, but there are also people who do find it funny “If you don’t like it, turn off your TV and go do something else. But don’t turn that into blind rage just because it’s not your opinion or taste. That kind of behavior is really getting out of hand lately. to walk.”