Around the world, just about everyone was positive about the equally bizarre and binge-worthy Netflix hit ‘Squid Game’, but the series is not received with open arms everywhere. North Korean students who watched the show in high school even face jail time.

US media reports that a man has even been sentenced to death for smuggling the show into the country. According to Radio Free Asia, the man was arrested after several high school students were caught watching the Netflix thriller. The perpetrator in question is said to have smuggled Squid Game via USB stick from China, where the show is banned – because they don’t have Netflix there and that means that Squid Game has to be streamed illegally. The man in question now faces the death penalty. In North Korea, the most severe penalty is viewing, possessing or distributing media from countries such as South Korea and the US.

Even the students do not go unpunished. The student who bought the USB stick is sentenced to life in prison, while the six others who watched the show have been sentenced to five years of hard labor. Even the teachers of the school in question have been fired or forced to work in remote mines.

In Squid Game, which according to Netflix has been seen by more than 100 million people, poor slobs have to play child’s games to the death. The winner will receive a huge amount of money.