Before the release on the screens of the Season 8 “Games of Thrones”, which will become final for the entire saga, it remains several months. Moreover, the exact date of the release of the series has not been called at all, so the fans of the series collect their will into a fist, look for spoilers and catch every word of the actors of the project. Sophie Turner, the performer of the role of Sansa Stark, believes that fans will be disappointed with the end of the series.

“I do not know if the final will satisfy the audience. It seems to me that many will be disappointed. But someone may just be delighted, – says the actress in an interview with IGN. – I really want to see the reaction of the fans. As for me, the ending just broke my heart. On the last page was written “The End of the Game of Thrones” and I felt empathy. ”

Turner added that her character in the show went a very long way – from misunderstanding and ignorance of herself to the full certainty that Sansa is in her place. Recall that Sophie, we also will soon see in the movie “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, where she played the main role.