A new case concerning the management of personal data has hit Facebook.

Definitely, this is not the day of Facebook. While researchers have unveiled that the social network exploiting the personal data of users via the phone number used for double authentication, it is the turn of a huge flaw to be discovered. A flaw allowed the theft of private information of 50 million users. Very quickly, the social network communicated on this business which is not going to arrange its image. The sensitivity of personal data on Facebook is often blamed and in recent months have been very damaging to the image of the service.

A massive flight on which Facebook has communicated

It is in a publication, in English (damaging to users who do not speak this language) that Facebook has spoken on the massive data theft of 50 million users. Hackers have been able to take advantage of security vulnerabilities with the “Preview profile as …” button to steal access from these millions of accounts. It was on September 25th that the service discovered the problem and reset the tokens of the people affected – the tokens being what is used to avoid reconnecting with each visit on Facebook.

We take this problem seriously and want everyone to know about this flaw and the measures taken to protect their safety.

Facebook goes even further by informing that it has warned the authorities while an investigation has been opened. An investigation that could end on arrests. In the meantime, the service has decided to disable the feature to preview the profile while waiting to learn more about this problematic story.