The youngest son of actor Jean-Claude Van Damme has been sentenced to a conditional eight-month prison sentence for threatening his roommate, USA Today reports Thursday. 

Nicholas Van Varenberg held his roommate in 2017 under pressure from a knife. The 22-year-old son of Van Damme was arrested on September 10 last year in his hometown of Tempe in the American state of Arizona. Prior to the court’s ruling, he had already known his guilt, reports the website.

The court documents show that security cameras in the apartment complex have made images. The images show that Van Varenberg strikes one of the walls in the apartment complex. When the police came to take a look at the request of the neighbors, they followed a blood trail that led to Van Varenberg’s home.


Van Damme’s son did not open at first. Later there was a lot of shouting from the apartment, where the neighbors called the police again. When agents rang again, Van Varenberg appeared to prevent threats from his roommate opening the door.