The relationship of Tom Hardy and strong alcoholic drinks lasted more than a dozen years. The actor told about this during his press tour to the film “Venom”, which is held in different countries of the world. The other day, he visited the popular TV show “Good Morning, Britain”, where he told about his past addictions.

Hardy does not hide that he was a real alcoholic, and it all began at the age of 11 years. With 13, he began to use hallucinogens, and from 16 – crack. But only an accident helped the star “Venom” and “Mad Max” change their priorities in life. Once he was found almost on the verge of death after an overdose in London, and this incident changed everything for Tom. “I was literally reborn. It was a real lesson for me, ”says the actor.

After that, he completed a rehabilitation course and really loved sports. At the age of 36, Hardy met his true love, Charlotte Riley, and the couple are now in a happy wait for their second child. Tom admits that he often has to deal with harmful desires, which he was not able to completely eradicate, but he holds on with all his might and does not allow drugs and alcohol to ruin his life.