Crissy Teigen is very close with her fans and shares with them not only achievements and staged photos, but shots from the family archive. On her Instagram page, she posted a photo with a six-month-old son, on whose head there was a kind of helmet. The star explained that Miles needed to wear it to fix his head.

“My baby today tried a helmet on his charming head of a little irregular shape. Please do not need to worry about him if you see this photo. He just needs to fix a small flat area of ​​the skull, ”Teigen wrote under the photo. In the comments there were quite a few users who thanked the star for their frankness and told about their children, who faced the same problems.

“Thank you for using your page to talk about such things. Many parents in such situations feel uncomfortable because of the lack of knowledge and information in the public domain. You are an amazing person! ”, Wrote one of the subscribers.

Miles really has no serious problems. Doctors noticed that his skull was a bit flatter than accepted by the norm. Now the baby must wear a special helmet from time to time to correct this defect.