After the Spot TV broadcast on the sidelines of the Super Bowl Grand Final, Disney has unveiled the long trailer of Solo: A Star Wars Story on ABC’s Good Morning America.

This new tease preview included the meeting of the famous smuggler Han Solo – played by Alden Ehrenreich – with Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover), but also with his mentor (Woody Harrelson).

For the record, Solo: A Star Wars Story is thought of as a turning movie, what this first trailer confirms. This video, however, gives little clue to the character played by actress Emilia Clarke, Qi’Ra. But she seems well informed about Han Solo.

And of course, the Millennium Falcon also makes an appearance!

For the record, here is the official synopsis of the film:

“Embark aboard the Millennium Falcon and travel to a galaxy far, far away, in Solo: A Star Wars Story, a brand new adventure with the most popular villain in the galaxy. During a series of daring escapes in a dark and dangerous criminal world, Han Solo meets his imposing future co-driver and crosses the road of the famous player and punter Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will introduce one the most unusual heroes of the Star Wars saga. ”

Solo: A Star Wars Story will be released on May 23 at the cinema.