With this technology, EXIT Alden and hello Harrison!

Solo A Star Wars Story was a real failure for Disney. It must be said that the role of Han Solo, very emblematic, was held by an Alden Ehrenreich considered by critics and spectators as totally transparent, participating in the weak reception of the blockbuster. Suffice it to say that it was difficult for the actor to succeed Harrison Ford who embodied the legendary character several decades ago. To put things in place, a youtubeur simply decided to use the Derpfake technique to present very specific Solo A Star Wars Story clips. There is simply Harrison Ford instead of Alden Ehrenreich.

A Derpfake that will please fans


It is thanks to the Derpfake technique that Alden Ehrenreich could simply have been replaced by Harrison Ford who takes over his role here, with his youth, in Solo A Star Wars Story. A way to please fans who had been very disappointed by the rather smooth interpretation of the new actor in the role of Han Solo. Of course, you do not have to wait for a film entirely based on Harrison Ford’s face. These are small excerpts to give an idea of what the film would have been like if Harrison Ford shot it decades ago.

As a reminder, the Derpfake can paste a face over another and has been used many times in the cinema in recent years. We can quote – without mentioning the exact scenes, avoid the spoilers – Blade Runner 2049 or Rogue One, another spin-off Star Wars. The result of this technology remains each time rather impressive.