Google Maps is a particularly neat application by the Mountain View company, being relatively popular. From now on, it will be possible to share its estimated time of arrival with the most popular email applications and Google Maps.

Google is doing continuous improvement for one of its flagship apps, Google Maps . Its ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) function has just been extensively reviewed and corrected. Thus, things are simplified and improved. Google also announced on its official blog that the feature would be as accessible on Android devices as iPhone.

Google Maps offers real-time route sharing

And the function is easy to use. Just enter your destination, go to the menu and scroll down; you will see the “share my progress” function. It is then that a pop-up window is proposed for you to choose the mode of sharing.

Note that the link can be sent via an SMS or an email. This feature seems very useful if you ever be a user of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, allowing you to share your itinerary with a group of loved ones.

A new feature on Google Maps that should easily find its audience

It will be understood, this new feature is particularly practical, especially to find his friends. For example, they have shared your route and ETA with you, and will be invited to follow you on Google Maps.

We particularly appreciate the visualization, which is most enjoyable. Good to know, the sharing is stopped when you arrive at the place where you wanted to go. However, it is also quite possible to stop this sharing whenever you want, that is to say at any time.

With this function, the Mountain View company hopes to improve the safety of its users. Indeed, it will no longer be necessary to send SMS to his contacts while driving, to say where we are. Only outstanding question: whether the service is available on Android Auto and CarPlay.