After the departure of Maddox’s eldest adopted son to South Korea, Jolie tries to spend as much time as possible with the rest of the children.

The next few years, 18-year-old Maddox will spend in the walls of the South Korean University of Ense. Angelina Jolie and her children – 15-year-old Pax, 14-year-old Zakhara and 13-year-old Shailo, who celebrated her birthday non-standard in May – are experiencing the departure of a loved one together. Yesterday, despite Monday, the United States had a day off on Labor Day, so Jolie decided to take her big family out for a walk in West Hollywood. True, the youngest – 11-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox – were not with them. 

It’s noticeable from the staff that Jolie and her grown up children had fun and tried not to think about the fact that their son and brother are now thousands of kilometers from them. On the way from Fig & Olive restaurant, where the family had breakfast, they constantly chatted and laughed.