Snoop Dogg has never put his faith under chairs or couches. With his gospel album, the rapper wants to show people what he finds important. 

 “It has always been in me from the moment that I ended up in the music industry”, the rapper tells in an interview during the Stellar Gospel Music Awards. “I’ve always had influences of gospel in my music.”

On the album Snoop Dogg does not talk about drugs or sex, but a lot of gospel singers can be heard. There are 32 songs on the album. 

“I have always called Jesus Christ my Savior, in almost all of my albums, I have always had moments where I shared that and told people that I am a born again Christian.”

The album Bible of Love was released in mid-March and is well received. Snoop Dogg emphasizes that he did not want to make the album to earn money, but to show what he finds important.