Police officers from the city of Goodyear arrested Brittany Zamora, a 27-year-old teacher, just over two weeks ago.

“A monster”: this is how parents in Arizona describe the teacher as their 13-year-old son, accused of sexual abuse on the latter.


Goodyear City police arrested Brittany Zamora, a 27-year-old teacher at Las Brisas Academy, a little over two weeks ago. The latter faces two counts of sexual abuse of a minor and nine counts of sexual behavior on a minor.

“Our children are taught that there are no monsters in the background,” the child’s father said in an interview with CBS5. “But in life, monsters exist. Brittany Zamora is a monster. ”

Depending on what the parents discovered in the boy’s text messages, the teacher and he allegedly had sex in and outside the school. The 27-year-old would have started flirting with him on a class discussion forum, and things would have slipped away.

“She took advantage of him, says for her part the mother-in-law of the child. She used it to achieve her grotesque goals. ”

The father also wishes to point out that regardless of the circumstances, it is a sexual assault.

“We want people to understand that there is no difference because it’s a boy,” says the father. It’s the same thing: he’s a 13-year-old who has been abused by a monster. ”

Parents evaluate the possibility of going to school, because they feel that the school was aware of the story and did nothing.

The investigators do not exclude the possibility that the teacher has maintained similar relationships with other young people.