The young mother, Kylie Jenner, has published for the very first time a video of her daughter Stormi on her Snapchat account.


This Sunday, February 25, Kylie Jenner unveiled the first video of her little girl Stormi. She had already shared at the beginning of the month, a video that retraced her nine months of pregnancy. A few days after the birth of her daughter, she also published a photo of the girl on her Instagram account. A cliché that has gathered more than 17 million “like” and which beats the record of the most “liked” photo on the social network. And it’s a little adorable video that fans of the star had the chance to discover on his account Snapchat!


For months and months there was some doubt about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. Indeed, several rumors claimed that the young woman was pregnant. But the main interested party never wanted to confirm them. It was finally on February 4th that the star announced the birth of her little girl Stormi. She explained on her social networks that she wanted to spend her pregnancy away from the cameras and in the greatest possible discretion.


And since she gave birth, Kylie Jenner is again very active on her accounts. The one who did not want to be mediatized during her 9 months, has since decided to share her daily life with her baby. Indeed, she had shared a video in which we can see certain moments of her pregnancy. Then she posted a photo of the little Stormi on her Instagram account. And this weekend, Kim Kardashian’s sistershared a video on her Snapchat account at first.


Kylie Jenner posted the video of her baby on her Snapchat account. A way for the young woman to catch up. The latter had published a tweet that dropped the stock of the company. In the video we can see the star playing with the cute little feet of Stormi. She also shared the images on her Instagram and made more than 100,000 views in just a few hours.



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