To generate more revenue, Snapchat should soon offer this in-app purchase feature.

Integrating purchases within an application seems to be becoming a standard. While Facebook has a market, qu’Instagram recently proposed to buy a product on a photo, Snapchat intends to do the same. This is an information from Digiday explaining that the application of ephemeral photos and videos wants to continue its financial expansion by offering this new commercial feature – not necessarily useful?

Purchases within the Snapchat app

It is Digiday who came back on this new proposal that could be made by the application phenomenon Snapchat – despite recent bad publicity following the reorganization of the latter. According to the site, the giant would currently work with publishers and media part of the Discover so that they can offer the purchase products displayed on the screen. On the side of the application, no confirmation, this information launched by Digiday is – before potential formalization – to take with tweezers. For its growth, Snapchat must look to the side of integrated purchases. And for good reason: despite great popularity, the application of ephemeral photos and videos shows a loss of 3.4 billion dollars and a gain of ” only“825 million for last year. Users level, Snapchat has 187 million registered. Digiday still specifies that with the integrated purchases, the application will not touch percentage. The sole purpose of this addition will be to display additional advertisements – the model on which Snapchat is based – and the potential arrival of new users.

Snapchat will launch connected glasses soon

In addition to this new feature, new smart glasses devised by Snapchat should see the light of day. According to documents shared by the FCC, they are code-named ” Model 002 ” while ” Spectacles ” is present. Difficult not to be skeptical about these potential glasses that could be as cumbersome as expensive. New bump for the application that had already failed with the previous ones?