43-year-old Angelina Jolie ( Angelina Jolie) often walks with children , but usually in public, the actress prefers to keep a stern expression. Last Sunday was an exception – the Hollywood star often smiled.

At the beginning of the day, the actress decided to go shopping in Los Angeles with her 10-year-old daughter Vivien. For the spring walk, Angelina put on a gray top and black pants , and on top – a beige trench coat with a wide belt. The actress covered her eyes with sunglasses.

Vivienne donned a dark blue jumpsuit and a plain black T-shirt. The girl’s hair was loose.

The Jolie family was accompanied by a stern bodyguard. And only he managed to maintain seriousness throughout the day. Angelina and  Vivienne often smiled , talked and looked happy. They went shopping , made several purchases and purchased a bouquet of flowers.

A few hours later the actress went to the airport. For the trip, the star changed clothes – she remained in the same raincoat , but put on her boots and feet , and put a scarf around her neck. The star looked surprisingly joyful. She even waved at the photographers.

Jolie’s good mood can be understood – recently she and Brad Pitt figured out how to complete the divorce process. Soon it became known , that the actress has decided to leave Los Angeles and together with the children to settle in New York. She wants to take a break in the film career and try herself as a theater actress on Broadway.