The British actress Tania Mallet died on Sunday at the age of 77. Nothing has yet been announced about the cause of death.

Mallet was best known for her role as Bondgirl Tilly Masterson in the James Bond film Goldfinger from 1964. The secret agent was again played in that film by Sean Connery, just like in the first two films.

The death of Mallet, who in addition to her limited acting career mainly worked as a bikini model, was confirmed by the official Twitter channel of James Bond, which is managed by the producers of the film series.

“Unfortunately we have to announce that Tania Mallet, who played Tilly Masterson in Goldfinger , has died. Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this sad period.”

Despite the popularity of Goldfinger , which is considered to be one of the best Bond films ever, Mallet abandoned a film career. She would later admit that she was uncomfortable with the lack of freedom while recording a movie and that she was being paid for in a terrible way.

Tania Mallet in 1964 as Bondgirl Tilly Masterson in Goldfinger. 
(Photo: Getty Images)